The Golden Hour of Clean: When To Schedule Your House Pressure Washing

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When to schedule your house pressure washing is an issue that plagues many people. The short answer is that you can hire professional power washing services any time from March to November. Read on for advice on when to schedule this routine home maintenance from local experts, Devins Powerwash. 

The Golden Seasons for Power Washing

Seasonal considerations and weather conditions make spring and fall the best time of the year for cleaning siding, concrete, roof, and other exterior surfaces. Choose: 

  • Spring for general cleaning and to remove grime, salt, or de-icing chemicals. You’ll also clear out any potential mold or mildew that will grow rapidly as the weather warms up. Finally, you can get your pool area and deck ready to entertain at the same time. 
  • Fall if you want to remove the last of the pollen from summer and clear out leaves from your gutters. It also removes algae, mold, black streaks, and spores that can harm your family. Finally, it removes sap from trees, pollen, and other sticky spills that will be almost impossible to remove after winter.  

Special Considerations for Other Times of the Year

Now that you know when to schedule your house pressure washing, what happens if you need our services at other times? We can clean in almost any weather as long as the temperature is warm enough. 

You might need to schedule a quick clean if: 

  • You don’t know when you last pressure-cleaned your home
  • There’s been at least one very cold winter since you last washed your home. 
  • You’re gearing up for a special occasion or the holidays. 
  • You can see signs of organic growth, black streaks, or rust.  

What Is the Golden Cleaning Hour?

Now that you know the basic time frame, let’s look at the best time of day for cleaning. The short answer is that a professional can work at any time of the day as long as there’s sufficient light. 

Cleaning in the early morning cuts glare but creates shadows that can conceal dirt. Washing at midday might mean that the water evaporates too quickly, leaving soap rings. However, experts know how to work around these issues, so you don’t need to worry. 

What’s the Best Weather? 

It would be so nice if we could order a perfectly sunny day, but things don’t work that way. Fortunately, it’s unnecessary here. A professional team will work in almost any weather, even if it’s raining. The exceptions are when there’s a thunderstorm or the temperature drops below freezing. 

Overcast weather is perfect because there are no shadows, there is little glare, and the water evaporates more slowly. However, if the rain starts pouring down, we may have to reschedule. 

Contact Us Today!

Now that you know more about when to schedule your house pressure washing, it’s time to spring into action. Call Devins Powerwash at (440) 429-1282 today and speak to us about the best time to clean your home in Cleveland, OH, or the surrounding areas. 

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