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Routine awning cleaning significantly enhances curb appeal and helps your storefront or business attract passersby. When your awning grows dirty, it mars the appearance of your business and affects first impressions. Help your business thrive with professional cleaning from our team at Devins Powerwash.

Dirty awnings breed bacteria, mold, and algae, creating an unsafe environment on your property. Our team at Devins Powerwash removes stubborn stains and contaminants so you can skip the hassle and reap the benefits.

Cleaning commercial awnings proves challenging without proper training, experience, and equipment. You could tear the awning fabric or damage the awning’s mechanism, requiring costly repairs. When you choose us, you choose reliable, safe, and efficient cleaning without property damage.

A clean awning provides shelter from the elements for your employees and customers while making your property look great. Give your awning the best cleaning available; contact us today!

Awning Cleaning Cleveland OH

Why Do You Need Commercial Awning Cleaning?

Awning Cleaning Cleveland OH

Your awning is one of the first things customers see, so ensuring it remains clean shows passersby that you properly maintain your building. Awnings experience inclement weather, pests, dirt, and algae, damaging their bright colors and creating an unkempt look.

Through routine awning cleaning, you welcome people into your business and provide a sanitary and comfortable location outside for people to gather. However, cleaning your awning requires experience and time for optimal results, and our proper techniques will prevent mold or bacteria growth.

When your awning receives cleaning, our team notifies you of any necessary repairs, helping you catch minor problems before they become expensive replacements. Eliminating contaminants prevents health issues, such as the following:

A clean workspace increases employee morale, creating a better environment for your team and customers. Hiring an outside team for your exterior cleaning guarantees efficiency and experience, providing peace of mind.

Why Hire a Professional?

Our professionals use state-of-art equipment and cleaning solutions to provide positive results every time. Cleaning your awning takes time and effort; let us do the work for you so you can focus on your business.

We begin by removing any debris and dirt from the awnings. Depending on your awning material, we’ll use cleaning solutions, such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide, to eliminate bacteria and mold growth.

We scrub the material using soft bristled brushes and industry techniques to remove all stains and contaminants. Rinsing the awning with lukewarm water and a garden hose ensures thorough cleaning.

Once the awning proves clean, we’ll allow it to air dry completely to prevent water damage. Our professionals have what it takes to rid your exterior of unwanted grime and dirt while saving you money and time. 

By hiring our professional cleaners, you can enjoy the following benefits:

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