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If you have trees around your property, your gutter system handles a stream of leaves and debris almost constantly. This onslaught means that you need to regularly clean out the system to prevent blockages from occurring.

Devins Powerwash offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services to ensure your gutters operate flawlessly. We recommend that property owners take advantage of our affordable maintenance plan to keep their gutters in optimal shape.

Why are Clogged Gutters Such an Issue?

Clogs in the gutter lead to water backing up, and the weight of that water places extra strain on the pipes, increasing the risk of them pulling away from the roofing. However, the water spilling over the sides is the most concerning. 

With a working system, water drains away into the storm runoff system, far away from the home’s foundation. When that water drips over the gutters instead, it soaks the sides of the home and makes its way directly into the ground, comprising your foundation’s structural integrity. 

The moisture buildup can lead to the following:

Signs You Need Our Gutter Cleaning Services

We recommend inspecting your gutters from ground level regularly. There is no need to get out an extension ladder or work gloves because you can spot the signs from the ground. You may need professional gutter cleaning if you see the following.

Overflow Icon


Water sloshing over the sides of the channels is a sure sign of a clog. Call us as soon as possible to avoid structural damage to your home.

Growth Icon


Plants in the channels are never a good sign. While some plants can grow in very little soil, the seeds won’t stick unless there is a clog. Seeds might also grow in channels clogged with leaves or silt.

Sagging Icon


Sagging is either a sign of a clogged channel or that the gutter is due for replacement. Either way, you need professional assistance.

The Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is a task that few homeowners relish. Thanks to our affordable rates, it’s one less item on your endless to-do list. Aside from protecting your property’s structural integrity, the benefits include the following.

Better Landscaping Icon

Better Landscaping

Too much moisture is just as bad for your plants as too little. What’s more, waterlogged soil is more subject to erosion and flash flooding. Restore the balance with regular cleaning.

Dry Basement Icon

Dry Basement

Flooding can be a serious issue in Cleveland, especially after heavy rains or snow thaw. The excess moisture can also lead to mold and mildew issues. Keep your basement dry by giving that water a clear path away from your home.

Extended Roof Lifespan Icon

Extended Roof Lifespan

Clogged gutters pull away from the roof. In winter, ice compounds the issue, potentially damaging the roof.

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