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Why consider professional fence cleaning in Cleveland, OH? Expert fence cleaning rejuvenates every surface, instantly lifting curb appeal. With our reliable cleaning methods, Devins Powerwash can make your fences look like new again.

Why Invest in Professional Fence Cleaning in Cleveland, OH?

Create the Right Impression Icon

Create the Right Impression

Your fence is the first part of your home anyone sees. If you have a privacy fence, it may be all that people can see from the outside. A grimy fence conveys the message that you let maintenance slide. Even if you don’t care about what your neighbors think, you don’t want to send this message. 

Criminals may view your property as an easier target, thinking that you are less likely to have working security measures.

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Keep Up the Property Values

Fence cleaning is as essential in the upkeep of your fence as it is for your concrete driveway. 

While you will unlikely have oil stains or tire marks on your fencing, dirt will still detract from the property value. 

Property buyers may not get further than the front gate if your fence looks dirty. If you live in an area with a strict HOA, you are bound to end up with citations for not keeping any exterior surface clean.

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Extend the Fence’s Lifespan

Fence cleaning is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Contaminants like mold, mildew, and pollutants degrade the surface, shortening its lifespan. Properly cleaning these away regularly staves off expensive fence repairs.

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Fast, Efficient Results

You can try scrubbing down your fence yourself, but prepare to allocate a significant amount of your free time to the project. We can accomplish the task more efficiently in a fraction of the time due to our expertise and equipment.

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Save Money

Many property owners believe they can save money by buying a pressure washer and cleaning the fence themselves. We have seen the results of this “money-saving” action many times, and they can be devastating. 

What most people learn the hard way is that pressure washers are very powerful. Some property owners understand this and start with the lowest possible setting. However, since they seldom use a cleaning solution first, they become frustrated because they don’t see the results they expect.

They then turn up the pressure. Unfortunately, at high settings, pressure cleaners can:

There’s a good reason that we, as professionals, seldom use high-pressure settings—we respect how dangerous it can be to do so.

Why Choose Devins Powerwash?

At Devins Powerwash, we commit to your 100% satisfaction. We use soft washing techniques using biodegradable cleaners and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver outstanding results every time. Our team effectively destroys organic growth like mold and algae before rinsing away the residue without leaving water stains. 

Our experienced team deals with the smallest home fence to the largest commercial structure. Contact Devins Powerwash at 440-429-1282 for your free fence cleaning estimate today!

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