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Roof cleaning extends your roof’s lifespan and instantly improves curb appeal. Call us today for service in Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding areas.

The roof is the home’s unsung hero as it shelters you from the elements 24/7. If you’re like most people, you seldom give your roof a second thought unless something goes wrong. What you may not realize, however, is that there are several benefits to hiring roof cleaning services regularly.

Devins Powerwash offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for all roof types. Our expert team uses gentle soft washing techniques that suit the type of roofing material on your building. Using the best quality supplies and equipment, we clean roofs quickly, efficiently, and safely with minimal inconvenience.

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Roof Cleaning Cleveland OH

Why Hire Professionals for Roof Cleaning?

Many people toy with the idea of cleaning their roofs themselves, but they often underestimate how dangerous and difficult roof cleaning is. It is only when they climb up the ladder trying to hold a bucket of soapy water and a garden hose that they realize how precarious their situation is. 

For some, taking on this task results in an expensive trip to the emergency room. Attempting this task solo and without the proper safety equipment increases the chance of falling off or through the roof. 

Add in a pressure washer, and you can tack on thousands of dollars in property damage costs. Using too much pressure can damage the roof’s waterproofing and structural integrity. Few people realize that too much pressure can dent metal roofs, strip away asphalt waterproofing, and warp wood shingles. 

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to apply too much pressure. Homeowners often start at low pressure without realizing that they need to use a cleaning solution as well. They then turn up the pressure because they don’t receive the results that they desire, resulting in significant damage. 

In some cases, the damage is so severe that a roof replacement is the only option. Unfortunately, insurers won’t pay damage claims if you don’t hire professional cleaners. 

Choosing a professional team for roof cleaning means that you can:

Our Process

Our licensed and insured team carefully evaluates your roof’s condition. We then determine which strategy will work best in cleaning the roof as smoothly as possible. Our process includes the following steps:

As professionals, we utilize this technique because it is the safest one for all roof types. Not only does it remove organic growth, but it kills any spores that may work their way into small cracks. Without this step, the spores could multiply again, causing a resurgence of the issue. 

We invite you to check our results to see if you are satisfied. If you feel we missed anything, we will continue cleaning until you are 100% satisfied. 

Why Choose Us?

Devins Powerwash is one of Cleveland’s leading power washing specialists. We distinguish ourselves with a true commitment to service excellence: No one holds themselves to higher quality standards than our team.

We promise every customer the following:

Contact the professional team at Devins Powerswash at 440-429-1282 for your free estimate in Cleveland, OH, today. Rely on our team to take roof cleaning to the next level. We will sanitize your roof, remove debris, growth, and other contaminants, and make it look as good as new safely and effectively. 

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