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Is it worthwhile to invest in professional deck cleaning in Cleveland, OH? If you are serious about removing green algae, mold and mildew stains, and other marks, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” As professionals, Devins Powerwash has the skill to rejuvenate your decking and also the industrial-grade equipment and supplies to do so effectively.

Our licensed and insured professionals use the right combination of soft washing and gentle pressure to make your surfaces look as good as new.

Deck and Patio Cleaning Cleveland OH

Why Hire Professionals?

With the number of advertisements for pressure cleaners, you might think all you need is warm water and some time to clean your deck. Unfortunately, deck cleaning is not as simple as we make it look.

Deck and Patio Cleaning Cleveland OH

Property owners often buy or hire high pressure cleaners only to experience disastrous results. Those advertisements don’t mention that pressure cleaning is a delicate art. If you don’t apply enough pressure, the results are mediocre at best.

The marketers also skim over the importance of using the right cleaning solution. Professionals understand that the detergent is the real star of the show. To get optimal results, you rely on the product rather than pressure.

Most damaging, however, is that few property owners understand how easy it is to apply too much pressure. You might turn up the settings because you feel you are not getting the results, only to leave large scour marks in your deck.

Property owners don’t realize how dangerous the blowback from the pressure washer can be. It can cause skin lacerations, broken bones, and other serious injuries. Rather than risk your health, rely on professionals who will do the job safely and effectively.

While we’re all for DIY projects, we recommend leaving the pressure cleaning to people with expertise in the area.

The Benefits of Deck Cleaning

There are several benefits to regular deck cleaning.

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Better Property Value

Your deck is a great selling point for your property as long as it is in optimal shape. Bird droppings, mold, and other unsavory marks will lower a buyer’s opinion of your property. Worse yet, those substances could degrade the surface.

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Your deck is a valuable entertainment space. However, you must also be aware of the risks. If there are patches of slippery algae, you might find yourself liable for medical expenses if a guest slips.

Even if only your family uses the space, mold, allergens, and pathogens might accumulate in the dirt. Every time you walk across the deck, you risk stirring these up, aggravating allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

Save Money

We have discussed how DIY projects can cost you significantly here. However, a professional cleaning can save you money in other areas as well. By increasing the useful lifespan of the deck surface, you save on refinishing costs.

Also, when it is time to refinish the surface, a good deep clean removes loose varnish and helps preps the surface.

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