Mastering the Prep: Essential Steps Before Pressure Washing Your Home

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Pressure washing can effectively remove built-up dirt and grime from your exterior surfaces and make your home look as good as new. However, you must take several steps to ensure the entire home improvement process goes smoothly without causing any damage. 

In this post, we outline the critical things to do before pressure washing your home. 

Eye Protection Is Essential

Debris, splinters, and other loose objects often fly around during pressure washing, and they can possibly land in your eyes. You certainly don’t want that to happen, so play it safe and wear eye protection like safety goggles or safety-rated sunglasses. 

Clear the Area

The area you want to pressure wash should be free of any obstacles that might hamper the process. Before you start pressure washing, remove any outdoor furniture, toys, tools, and anything else that might get in your way. Also, consider putting your plants away since excessive water pressure can damage them. 

Switch Off the Outdoor Power

When water and electricity come together, the outcome can be disastrous. Switch off any outdoor power outlets and cover them with duct tape to ensure no water enters inside. Also, take note of any overhead power lines that might interfere with the extension wand. 

Keep Ladders Away

Using a ladder during a power wash can be a risky affair. The recoil from the pressure washing equipment becomes strong enough to throw you off the ladder—it doesn’t matter if someone holds the ladder for you. 

Pressure washing professionals often use scaffolding due to the risk of recoil. If your house is at least a single story tall and you want to power wash it yourself, we recommend getting a six-foot rolling, lockable-wheel scaffold. This, combined with your height and a 12-foot extension wand, you can easily clean walls as high as 24 feet. 

What Areas Should You Avoid?

When it comes to pressure washing, you want to get mind-blowing results without damaging the surface. Sadly, not all surfaces can withstand high-pressure water. Therefore, you should know what surfaces to avoid before you start pressure washing, and they may include vents, windows, and vinyl siding. 

Spraying these areas with pressurized water can potentially damage them, and fixing the mess can cost you thousands of dollars. 

Keep Children and Pets Away

Children and pets don’t understand the dangers of pressure washing, and they’ll always want to come close to see what’s happening. You must ensure they stay safe during the cleaning process. Before you begin pressure washing, make sure to keep them a safe distance away. 

Cover All Openings

Your home can suffer serious water damage if you aren’t careful during pressure washing. When preparing for pressure washing, ensure you tightly close the windows, doors, and any other openings that might allow water into the house. 

Proper preparation helps to ensure the best results for pressure washing. If unsure about what to do, consider hiring a reputable pressure washing company like Devins Powerwash. Call us at 440-429-1282 for your free estimate in Cleveland, OH, today!

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